Arm is the world’s leading semiconductor IP company. We develop and license technology that is at the heart of more than 100 billion devices, from sensors to smartphones to servers.

Pelion IoT Platform

A Device-to-Data Platform for Connected IoT

The Pelion IoT Platform is a flexible, secure, and efficient foundation spanning connectivity, device, and data management. It accelerates the time to value of your IoT deployments by helping you easily connect trusted IoT devices on global networks, invisibly administer them, and extract real-time data from them to drive competitive advantage.

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IoT Device Products

Arm Insight Platform

Build Distributed Device-to-Cloud AI Applications

Arm Insight Platform integrates advanced artificial intelligence seamlessly into the real-world, in real-time. Our software makes sensors smart, capable of detecting people, objects and their interactions, with actionable insight feeding into your platform or application. With sensors capable of understanding the world around them your solutions can leverage the full benefits of Arm’s leading-edge machine learning algorithms.

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Development Tools

Created by experts in the Arm architecture, our development solutions are designed to accelerate product engineering from SoC architecture through to software application development.

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Embedded and IoT Software Tools

Arm’s suite of industry-leading C/C++ software development tools are ideal for development on any Arm-based devices - from microcontroller to complex SoCs.

Graphics Development Tools

Arm's graphics tools help you to develop and analyze OpenGL ES, OpenCL and Vulkan graphics and compute software. A range of development tools to assist in the deployment of graphics applications and content on Mali GPU based systems.

Simulation Models

Start software development ahead of silicon availability, and speed up SoC bring-up with Fast Models and Cycle Models.

Server and HPC Application Tools

Cross-platform tools which make light work of high performance application development and optimization. For use on highly scalable and intricate software to speed up the rate of research, prediction, product design and problem solving. 

Development Boards

Arm development boards are the ideal platform for accelerating the development and reducing the risk of new SoC designs.

Debug Probes

For embedded C/C++ software development, Arm provides both JTAG and Serial Wire Debug (SWD) connections via a range of debug probes which are tuned to the needs of the system.

System IP Tools

Arm Socrates IP Tooling enables hardware, software, and verification teams to deliver fully integrated System IP. It is the only fully integrated solution for use with Arm System IP. Socrates IP Tooling helps system designers to automate IP configuration and SoC integration, creating IP that is right first time, and in days instead of months.