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The crucial stepping-stones to enhance the automation capabilities of ADAS and IVI technology have arrived with the latest flexible, scalable heterogeneous compute solution from Arm. As the demand for autonomous decision-making workloads continues to grow, Arm provides the processing power, safety and efficiency to meet these complex requirements.

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Together We are Building the Future of Mobility

As we move into a new era of transportation, Arm is driving innovation – architecting energy efficient intelligence for tomorrow’s vehicles. With new levels of connectivity, efficiency, and autonomy. Automotive and Arm, together we’re building the future of mobility.

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New Era of Automotive Innovation

Arm is driving the digital transformation of mobility with a focus on safety, scalability and collaboration.

Driving into the Future with Arm's Automotive Technology

The car is the most complex electronic device many of us will buy. Arm is working with key OEMs, Tier 1s and the broader ecosystem to help simplify and redefine our concept of mobility and enable a new era of automotive innovation for the entire vehicle.

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Driving Reimagined by Arm Partners

Discover how Arm's high-performance CPUs designed for automotive use cases and the Arm Safety Ready portfolio are an excellent baseline for the Brodmann17 software, and learn how this synergy provides scalable robust perception.

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With the flexibility to run different workloads concurrently and a 30% performance uplift compared to its predecessor, Cortex-A78AE offers the scalable, heterogeneous compute required for complex automated driving systems.



This highly scalable GPU enables configurable workload separation and virtualization. Mali-G78AE is designed to the ISO 26262 safety standard for automotive applications and is ASIL B safety-capable.



As an advanced high-performance ISP, Mali-C71AE delivers key visual information to both computer vision (CV) systems and human display for clear and convenient viewing. Mali-C71AE is the first Arm ISP with built-in features for functional safety.

Cortex-A Processor

Cortex-A Processor Series

The high-performance Arm Cortex-A series includes the safety-capable Cortex-A65AE and Cortex-A76AE processors and provides a range of solutions for devices undertaking complex compute tasks, such as ADAS, autonomous, IVI and digital cockpit applications.

Cortex-R52 Processor


Cortex-R52 delivers the highest-level functional safety in a real-time processor. It is designed to meet the challenging needs of advanced embedded systems with virtualization, such as traction motors and internal combustion engine (ICE) battery management systems in domain controllers.

Cortex-M Processors

Cortex-M Processor Series

The Cortex-M family is Arm's smallest and lowest power suite of CPUs, designed to enable developers to create cost-sensitive and power-constrained solutions. Ideal for a broad range of automotive applications including body electronics, sensors, gateways and SoC management.

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Enabling Next-Generation Autonomous Systems

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An Ecosystem of Trust

Arm partners offer smart car technologies to service the compute needs of the whole car, including advanced driver assistance and autonomous systems. These partners facilitate the efficient development of automotive solutions with both silicon and software products.

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