Wearable Technology: The Revolution You Wear

Removing the barriers to enable smaller, more responsive wearable technology devices requires low-power IP that can provide performance within a size- and power-constrained setting. Arm IP provides secure, flexible processing for wearable electronics, with the smallest silicon footprint. 


As developers continue to innovate, we can expect to see compelling new wearable devices that integrate seamlessly in our lives. Bringing “invisibles” to the wearables space is all about miniaturization of the technology and embedding it in everyday items such as clothing and shoes.


While the smart watch and fitness trackers are the most familiar devices today, Arm is enabling a new raft of form factors beyond the wrist that promise to transform the lives of millions of people.

Power Efficiency

The fast-paced wearables market has been quick to leverage the possibilities of low-power IP from Arm to enable a wide range of devices. From high-end wearables to simpler applications like the Fitbit, industry-leading processor IP from Arm enables a spectrum of devices. With our partners, Arm addresses the scope and pace of innovation the market demands.

Always On, Always Aware

The ability to sense, fuse, interpret, and securely share data is fundamental to the wearable experience. These devices must continuously process multiple sensor feeds to provide contextual awareness, but they require low power consumption and a long battery life for functionality. Arm Cortex-M-based processors and the extensive ecosystem that supports them are at the heart of the sensor hub in wearables, delivering advanced signal-processing capabilities.


Security and trust are vitally important for wearables. In addition to storing sensitive personal data, they often control physical access to homes, offices, and cars. Granting access seamlessly is an essential part of the appeal of wearables, so security can no longer be an afterthought.


Achieving the required level of security calls for a symbiotic relationship between hardware and software, an expanding portfolio of secure IP and software, and a collaborative ecosystem that fortifies devices across a common platform. Arm TrustZone technology provides software isolation and is supported by a trusted ecosystem.


Read our Security Manifesto 2018 to explore how we create a digital immune system, limit the impact of cyber threats, and use artificial intelligence to provide authentication and fraud protection.

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Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality

Smart glass technology has already brought augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) to wearable devices; it seems likely that hand-tracking software will allow existing AR/VR devices to work without physical controllers. As headsets become more advanced and developers push the limits of AR/VR experiences, wearables play an important role.

Medical Wearables

Wearable technology is increasingly driving closed-loop healthcare, where wearable trackers or other remote patient-monitoring devices allow clinicians to constantly monitor and adjust treatments. There is an additional layer of complexity with wearables for medical use, however, as they require FDA regulation. It has never been more important to have security built into the heart of the device, on proven technology.

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